Plouă undeva

E încă Iulie…

7 Responses to “Plouă undeva”

  1. Mihai Says:

    Acel undeva a fost ieri la Sibiu. Și a fost bine primit 🙂

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  2. kiangablog Says:

    Slim Dusty was an Australian country music legend. Much loved and an authentic Aussie voice. His songs are often played at funerals too. Thank you for sharing.

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    • Nautilus Says:

      This is not the first Slim Dusty song on my blog.
      I first learned about him from an article in National Geographic that mentioned his name. Then I searched for his music on youtube. Me and my wife really like his songs. Sometimes we let his music play for hours 🙂

      You know, here in Romania country music is not so popular, and the very few fans usually listen to American country. Nevertheless, Slim Dusty is known by the ones who like or love Australia. Indeed a great singer; great voice and authentic style.

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      • kiangablog Says:

        So lovely to know that Slim’s music can cross the seas. He was the most decent human being you could meet. Both my grandmother and my younger brother were huge fans. Authentic voices are hard to find!

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